Get Professional Help Recovering From An Injury

Arrange for chronic pain treatment in Lapeer, MI

It's easy to get settled into a routine, especially when it comes to your job. But repetitive motion can lead to chronic pain, and millions of people suffer from chronic pain every day. Ignite Physical Therapy provides chronic pain treatment to people in the Lapeer, MI area. You can overcome your pain and live a healthier, happier life. We help with problems like...

Pain from old injuries that has resurfaced
Daily aches and pains that you deal with every day
Occasional pain from previous surgeries or problems like arthritis

Learn how to reduce or eliminate pain by scheduling chronic pain treatment today.

Choose treatment focused on your specific injury

Do you have sudden pain from an injury? You can help speed up the recovery process with personalized acute pain treatment. Our physical therapist will work with you to target your specific injury and strengthen your body so you can get your life back to normal.

Speed up your recovery with professional acute pain treatment.