Restore Your Mobility After A Stroke

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Neurological damage is always scary. Not only can it affect your memory and speech, but physical tasks you once found easy can become a challenge. Fortunately, the human mind is very resilient, and you can re-teach your body with neurological therapy from Ignite Physical Therapy.

Work with our experienced physical therapist one-on-one in a safe and comfortable environment. We'll develop a treatment plan that focuses on your specific problem areas and helps you get your mind and body working together again.

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Why you should consider therapy

Trying to recover after neurological damage can become frustrating quickly. When you hire us for stroke rehabilitation services, we do more than just offer encouragement. You'll work with our physical therapist to...

  • Use small, progressive training techniques to rebuild your motor skills and meet your goals at your own pace
  • Strengthen your body so that you can get back on your feet and take care of yourself properly again
  • Improve overall balance to help prevent future accidents
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