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Great place for physical therapy! Dr. Kevin is knowledgeable in so many area. I have suffered with a bad SI joint for years and I finally found the place where it's getting better!"

Shan Lanza

The best physical therapist around! Highly recommend!!

Lisa Machiela

I had a great experience at Ignite Physical Therapy. I felt the therapist Kevin had true concern for how I was impacted by my condition. Kevin developed a plan that fit my needs as a patient. Kevin offers a fun but professional environment. I would definitely recommend Kevin if you're looking for an exceptional physical therapist.

Elizabeth Sullivan

My daughter goes to Ignite Physical Therapy. Kevin has so much knowledge that has comforted both she and I about her recovery. Kevin is a very nice and knowledgeable physical therapist who cares about my daughter so much and wants her to recover as quickly as possible. His understanding of her condition has also helped her recover better. I recommend Ignite Physical therapy to all people because of Kevin's knowledge and ability to help all of his patients.

Amy O.

Owner was great! Always took the time to listen to my concerns and help me understand my symptoms more so that we could work together to get me back "in shape"! Highly recommend :)

Happy Customer

I go to Ignite for CRPS. I was at first really worried about finding a physical therapist who had experience and knowledge on the rare condition but Kevin Eckles is by far the best physical therapist I could have gotten. His knowledge on the condition amazes me every time I go in for treatment. The best part about Kevin is that he makes me feel very welcome and comfortable while I'm there. I've always heard terrible stories about people who hate physical therapy, I can't relate because honestly I love going to physical therapy because Kevin Eckles is a great physical therapist who cares about his patients and wants the absolute best for them. He does everything he can to make them feel better both physically and mentally. I would recommend Ignite Physical Therapy to all people of all ages. Kevin is great with all people and all conditions.

Torey Ostrander

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