Better Recovery Starts Here

Come to us for torn ACL recovery treatments in Lapeer, MI

Having a torn ligament repaired or a joint replaced is only the first step in feeling better. After surgery, you must focus on physical or occupational therapy to fully recover.

That's where Ignite Physical Therapy comes in. We provide customized treatment plans to help you through your torn ACL recovery or hip replacement recovery. After your initial consultation, we'll meet regularly to exercise the area, regain strength and range of motion.

Visit us in Lapeer, MI to get the most out of your torn ACL recovery or hip replacement recovery.

Come here to recover

You have options for post-surgical recovery, but none are like Ignite Physical Therapy. We provide individualized care for...

  • Torn ACL recovery
  • Hip replacement recovery
  • Disc replacement recovery
  • Rotator cuff repair recovery
  • Bone replacement recovery

We'll walk you through steps to take in-home and at our practice to help you get through recovery.